I’m in Amsterdam! A brief stopover on my way to Tanzania. I landed at 10am this morning. The CitizenM hotel recommended to me ended up being perfect. I dropped my bags off, showered, and went straight for the trains to make my way into Amsterdam. I decided to take the train to Amsterdam-Zuid and walk. My first stop — Beatrixpark. The trees and sound of water were exactly what I needed after the 9 hour flight from Vancouver. Feeling a little more awake (unfortunately, I didn’t sleep at all on the plane), I weaved my way to Albert Cuypmark. I found a little cafe to enjoy some pancakes and a coffee, then enjoyed a stroopwafel. That fuelled me for another 15,000 steps to wander around the city, walking past Bloemenmarkt and Anne Frank Huis, and along what felt like all of the canals. I’m doing my best now to stay up as late as I can so I can adjust to the new time zone, get a good night’s sleep, and be fully ready for the 9 hour flight tomorrow to Dar Es Salaam. I can’t wait to be in Tanzania! 

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  1. Hi Uncle Ryan,

    What are you doing? It’s so cool that you went to Anne Frank’s House, what was it like? Are you having fun?
    Hope to hear from you soon, I like reading your stories.

    Love, Molly

    • Hi Molly,

      I just arrived in Mwanza, and am now resting after what was a long few days of travel. Unfortunately, I did not go inside Anne Frank House, but it looked interesting from the outside! I am having lots of fun. Hopefully we can FaceTime soon.


      Uncle Ryan

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