The past two weeks have been slow again as people get back into the swing of things after the holidays. I’ve been on the same schedule attending the hospital twice a week, the dispensary once a week, and SOS Children’s Village once a week. 

In the clinic, I have now seen 95 individuals making up 207 visits. Almost 70% of the patients are female, and the vast majority of complaints are still spinal, followed by the lower extremities.

The general approach within the clinic is similar for different conditions:

  1. Listen to the individual to understand the nature of their problem, their goals, and their environment.
  2. Assess the integrity and function of their neurological and musculoskeletal systems within the context of their individual physiology. 
  3. Come up with a management plan together with the person to address dysfunctions in point 2 within the context of point 1. 
Obviously, there are many nuances within each of those bullets.

My Swahili is still improving little by little. I am getting more confident each day with trying new words, and I understand a little more each day from my conversations. 

What has really struck me so far about Mwanza is the sense of community. People here are extremely kind with their time and their resources. They are not afraid to ask for help, and they are equally or more willing to offer it. Everyone refers to each other as brother (kaka), sister (dada), father (baba), mother (mama), auntie, uncle, grandma, etc. There is a real sense of connection here that is hard to describe. 

This past Friday I did a tour around part of Mwanza with some friends. I love that I get the chance to explore while I’m here. The photos above are from the tour. 

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