After settling back into the new normal of home, I finally have some time to catch […]
The past two weeks have been slow again as people get back into the swing of […]
The past two weeks have been slower with the holidays. I took Christmas and Boxing Day […]
It was a busy week that started with Tanzanian Independence day. In the morning, people gathered […]
The week started off with a meeting at SOS Children’s Village Mwanza. I am incredibly inspired by […]
It was an exciting first week in Tanzania! Monday, I spent the day wandering around town. […]
Today was my first visit to the Kanyama Village Dispensary. It took about 35 minutes from […]
I’ve arrived in Mwanza! It’s been a long couple days of travel. The flight from Amsterdam […]
I’m in Amsterdam! A brief stopover on my way to Tanzania. I landed at 10am this […]